How do we work together?

You’re ready to step up.   You know it’s time to commit.  There are a number of ways in which we can work together to help you create personally powerful results on your journey to being unstoppable.

Where are you in your mission?

Whether you’re at the beginning of your mission or whether you’re looking to build momentum from wherever you’ve reached, leading a mission can feel pretty daunting. My clients regularly tell me that their dream or their vision feels bigger than they perceive their skills, experience, self leadership or personal resilience to be.

You feel called to make a difference and you are committed to doing so.  You are driven and successful and you have a track record of taking action.  You are inspired by the change you want to create – whether that’s in your business, your career, or in the wider world – and you are energised by challenge! A big part of you is ready to take action and drive forward.

What about that other part of you?

But there’s still a part of you that wonders if you are enough, if you’re good enough, if you’re experienced enough, if you know enough, if you will be... enough.

It’s not that you NEED support….. but you know the value of having a personal support team around you to believe in you, to have your back, to listen to your deepest fears and to celebrate your greatest triumphs in your mission.  To be part of your journey along the way, to help you turn failure into learning (because there is no such thing as failure!)  and to champion your success.

Having your very own champion for your mission

Working together, I will help you to feel bolder and braver about achieving your mission. I will help you to develop the confidence to lead yourself and others in a way that feels authentic to you and to your calling.  I will help you to develop the ability to communicate with presence and impact – to truly take up your space in the world.  And I will help you to develop the leadership and management skills to manage the people and projects that are part of your mission, with ease.

What will working together look like?

Every mission is individual so our programme of work together will be bespoke.  Drawing upon my skills and experience in leadership, communication, change management and deep dive coaching, I will work with you to develop a programme of training and coaching that helps you to develop and/or deliver your mission.

We can work together in a number of ways:

Personal Coaching

During our initial Possibility Call we will consider what you are looking to achieve and agree a time frame for our work together. This would typically be between 3 months and 12 months.

I also offer a one day intensive coaching programme to selected clients who are looking for a deeply transformative experience, which will quickly create clarity and focus and take you and your work to a new level.

Group Coaching

I will shortly be launching two group coaching programmes, for those who would like to work with like-minded men and women on a mission. There are huge benefits to be gained through group coaching in terms of personal and business growth, accountability, challenge, support and the power that can be found through the reciprocity of belief.

Corporate Coaching

Making a difference and leading positive change has been my mission for most of my career. All of my coaching and training programmes can be tailored to suit the needs of your people and your organisation.

Skills Training

Leading a mission requires the skill to manage people, possibility, problems, plans and processes. In addition to personal and group coaching, I also offer skills training in the core skills that often make the biggest difference in the success or failure of the management of change – Leadership (of self & others), Project or Change Management, and Communications.  The more you understand yourself and your people – their attitudes, motivations, behaviours and relationships – the greater your chance of success in your mission.

Investing in the Unstoppable You

The minimum investment to work with me, one-to-one, is £1,275 for the one day intensive and £1,975 for the three month programme.  More importantly, you must be ready to invest your time, energy and commitment.  Real transformation requires honestly and vulnerability. We will discuss the pace and intensity that feels right for you when we speak, and agree the detail and time commitment for your bespoke programme accordingly.
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