What would be possible if you were unstoppable?

Take a few minutes to imagine – right now – what would be possible for you.

Now start to say it out loud. It sounds different, yes? As soon as we start to articulate our thoughts and breathe them into real life, something changes. Simply breathing life into your dreams begins your personal journey of transformation.

Just imagine starting to say those thoughts out loud to someone who will listen to you like you have never been heard before. Who will hear you speak your truth. Someone whose soul focus is walking your journey with you, willing you on, witnessing your transformation.
Someone who will create a space for you to talk, a space so safe you think you might never stop talking. A space that is so safe you start to notice things you didn’t even know you thought.

Notice how, as you speak, you become aware that so much more is possible than you thought, at first. That YOU are so much more than you first thought.

Imagine that.

And that’s just the start. Because what you create when you are with your coach is only the beginning. It’s merely the launch pad. It’s what this fires within you that ignites your unique potential, and allows your work to be a powerful expression of your unique talents.
Here are some questions to get you thinking about being unstoppable…

What inspires you?
What challenges you?  
What do you want to create?  
What are you committed to achieving?  
What is the legacy you want to leave behind?  
How do you want to change the world?

Most of all, are you ready to embrace possibility, show up even stronger and step up even higher?

Are you ready to BE unstoppable?

Being Unstoppable - my signature programme

People often talk about their personal development journey in terms of mastery.   But we’re talking about life.  YOUR life.  It seems to me it’s about artistry – creating something extraordinary.  I love the quote “Make each day your masterpiece”.   Surely the ultimate aim for those of us who would be unstoppable?
We start with a canvas.  That’s you. You are always our agenda. We start where you are right now and we work to create your personal masterpiece – your very own “work of outstanding artistry”. The very best version of you.

What stops us from being unstoppable?  We experience resistance in all sorts of ways.  Often the answer is fear.  Fear of judgement; of failure or success, of the past or future. Whilst resistance can show up in a variety of ways – it usually has the same primary function.  It wants to keep us safe.  It keeps us away from what it perceives as danger.  It keeps us from leaning into our edge.

And yet when we lean into our edge, we grow.  We become better performers.  We become better leaders.  We become better people.  But as high performers and as unstoppable leaders we must learn to lean into both our inner and outer edge – otherwise we lose our edge altogether!

Being Unstoppable is my signature coaching programme.  It’s all about The Art of Personal Leadership.  It is a highly personalised programme that will help you to find your flow, manage your resistance resourcefully and usefully, and in doing so allow you to create your very own masterpiece. Your life as you want to live it.
The programme is bespoke to what you want to achieve, based on our initial ‘possibility call’, and tailor made to help you achieve personally powerful results.  I’m often asked what are the common themes that emerge during personal leadership coaching.  Here are some examples:

Living On Purpose

Being clear on your purpose and your values. Understanding what motivates you (and what stops you!). Knowing where you are, where you want to be and how you will get there.

Daring To Be You

Courageously becoming who you really are, not who others think you should be. For some this means changing who you are to become who you want to be, for others this means un-becoming everything that isn’t really you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place. The true, authentic you.

Bending Not Breaking

Resilience is being flexible yet firmly rooted. Knowing how to sway with the wind, rather than fight against it. Going with the natural flow rather than creating the resistance which adds to the stress we can feel in times of adversity.

Creating Quality Connections

Understanding yourself and those around you and building better relationships.  Learning how to step into their world, with ease, grace and impartiality, to understand what is going on for them.  Being able to do this also helps you to understand and manage conflict, with yourself and others, and find resolution.

These are just some of the examples of the more common themes that emerge in discussion. But the canvas is always you, because your level of success – whether in business, on stage or in sport - only grows as fast as you do.  That’s what makes personal leadership so important in being unstoppable.
Embrace possibility.  Show up even stronger.  Step up even higher.
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