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Karen Skidmore
Business Catalyst

[following a group booking]

Thank you so much for delivering your session today Sue. You took our group to another level and I know the work they did with you, will make my work with them so much easier.

Thank you for enabling me and all my Academy members to be the very best versions of themselves.

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Sarah Buchanan-Smith
The Apple Bower

Sue introduced us to her "I’ve Gotta Be Me" Experience beautifully and guided us clearly through the process before sending us off to undertake the deceptively simple process.

What looked like just a list of questions on a piece of paper transformed themselves under Sue’s guidance in to a set of incredibly powerful prompts for quickly and with a little thought, easily, getting to the very source of what makes us tick.  Whilst these exercises are always interesting they can sometimes lack a practical application.

Sue was able to skilfully guide us to understand how my new found ME could be used practically to guide any decision I have to make.  A wonderful experience, guided with great skill by Sue.

photo of Angela Durrant
Alison Jones
Alison Jones Business Services

Sue is an extraordinary coach. She has an incredible talent for asking just the right question at just the right moment, knowing when to hold the space, when to challenge, and when to step in to support. It seems deceptively simple at the time - it's only afterwards when you come away with sudden clarity and confidence that you realise just how powerful the process is.

I'd recommend Sue without hesitation for anyone wanting to make change in their life or step up to a new level of performance: she will enable you to make the transition more quickly and completely than you might have dared hope.

photo of Angela Durrant
Angela Durrant
Voice and Performance Coach

Since meeting Sue Revell I immediately knew that she was able to show both empathy and sharp focus for her clients and that's why I wanted to work with her. I am already a highly successful voice and performance coach working with hundreds of singers and speakers but I wanted to go to the next level personally and discover what was next for me.

I have always believed in working with the best coaches around the world and I believe Sue to be in that category. In the sessions we have had, she has helped me focus, gain clarity and connect with a deeper level of fulfillment in my work to date and future plans.

I highly recommend Sue's work to any other successful performers and business leaders as well as those aspiring to become successful while remaining fulfilled personally as they pursue their aspirations.

photo of Angela Durrant
Ginny Carter
The Author Maker

When Sue asked me to take part in a 'Being in Flow' masterclass exercise, I'll admit I was a little apprehensive. It didn't sound like my kind of thing at all. But how wrong I was: it was nothing short of transformational.

Focusing on when, where and how I felt in flow was really enlightening. But the true magic happened when I started to connect this with my deeper values and identity. I came to realise that my true mission is so much wider than I'd been assuming; this has now given me a whole new energy and commitment to my work.

If Sue can get me from 'stuck' to feeling like I'm flying with an amazing vision within the space of an hour, I can't imagine what she'd be capable of in a day. Amazing results.

photo of Angela Durrant
Julie Dennis
Menopause Expert

Prior to taking part in Sue’s Masterclass on Being Unstoppable  I was struggling to articulate who I am and what I am trying to achieve with my business.

What I loved about working with Sue was the subtle way in which she coaxed me into peeling back the layers I've hidden safely behind for years.  It was a powerful session which provided me with immediate clarity around my personal drivers and the vision I am pursuing.

photo of Emma Hughes
Emma Hughes

When I went to see Sue I was at my wit's end. I had a big performance on the horizon and was seriously struggling with lack of self-belief and negative thought patterns which had been hindering my ability to perform to my true potential. After just a few, extremely supportive and relaxed sessions with her, I felt in a much better place to deal with the performance. My destructive thought and behaviour patterns became significantly diminished and I was able to use the tools she gave me to give what became one of the best performances of my life.

I still use these tools now when I find myself falling back into old habits, and they always work wonders.  I would confidently recommend her services to anyone who is needing the same kind of breakthrough. Thank you, Sue!

photo of Fabienne Vailes
Fabienne Vailes
Fab Outcomes

I met Sue about 2 years ago. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity and privilege to be coached by her.

I have had sessions with Sue on a regular basis and she has helped me so much on my self-development journey. Through skilful questions and thanks to her wonderful knowledge of NLP, I have been able to ‘unearth’ the real ‘ME’. Through the work we did together, I have also discovered that I am meant to shine freely and I have developed the courage to live authentically. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you, Sue, for showing me that as Marianne Williamson said ‘I am meant to shine, as children do’.

photo of Ben Thatcher
Ben Thatcher
‍Research Consultant

At the end of last year I was having a really rough time of things, both at work and outside. Working together, Sue helped me understand how I’d got to where I was, and why I’d ended up in a career that really wasn’t for me. Trying to please and meet the expectations of others played a key role!

Sue made me see both that I had the tools to get over my hump, and that I could be who and what I wanted to be. She was pivotal in my effecting a long-overdue change in my life. Now I’ve set out on my journey, I look back and wonder why I ever accepted a life that was anything less than exceptional!

photo of Cherry Dale
Cherry Dale
Chief Operating Officer
Birmingham South Central

I spent 2 years training for the NLP practitioner and the NLP Masters Diploma with Sue. Our time together included many 1:1 sessions as well as small group work. I have always found Sue to be acutely insightful even at times when I felt I was being completely blank or woolly.

She has a particular way of asking gems of questions that get to the heart of your issues to enable you to open your mind to all kinds of possibilities and solutions that were previously hidden from you.  I believe that Sue’s incisive coaching led me and others to decisions that had a huge impact on our thinking and way of being that have led to success either in the workplace or in our personal lives.

Sue has an ability to help you get to an understanding of what’s important to you and why and then follows this with ensuring that you get to the point where you have a clear plan in place to ensure you achieve your goals and ambitions. I looked forward to working with Sue and always felt more resilient and focussed after every session.

photo of Jo Haycock
Jo Haycock
Documentary Lifestyle Photographer

This lady is one of the most inspiringly authentic people I've had the pleasure to meet and work with this year.  I’ve loved every minute of getting to know some of what makes her passionate in this life. Her colourful and authentic energy was an absolute delight to work with.

photo of Jaymie Thomas
Jaymie Thomas
Chief Technology Officer
PayZip Ltd

Sue has helped me to better understand how to get the most out of my team members using coaching on the perceptual positioning technique.  As a result I now understand and am able to communicate with my team much more effectively, increasing our well-being and success.

She really took the time to understand my situation, to get at the core issues and help me develop an effective life-long strategy for creating really powerful connections.

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