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About Me

Sue reading a book in a wooden doorway
Hello!  I’m Sue, founder of Magenta Change and creator of The "I Gotta Be Me" Experience.  I help men and women on a mission, who want to be braver and bolder, to develop the confidence to self lead authentically; the ability to communicate with presence and impact; and the skills to manage their projects and people with ease.

What can I tell you about me?

It’s no surprise to anyone who knows me that my career has been all about people.  I love people.  Do you ever ‘people watch’?  Then you’ll probably understand why.  I love our similarities and I celebrate our differences.  I enjoy finding out what motivates us and what challenges us.  I am passionate about helping people to be their true, authentic selves – no copies allowed!  

I’ve experienced lots of change in my life – starting with the unexpected and untimely death of my father when I was just 14 years of age.  I’ve learned that whether change is personal or professional, it requires purpose, empathy, authenticity and resilience – and that’s what I bring to coaching and my clients.
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I’ve been a nurse, a leader in public service, and the project manager of some pretty complex healthcare projects – so I know what it is to be a woman on a mission. I am particularly proud to have played a key leadership role in the development & opening of two Children’s Hospitals in the UK. As you can imagine, both created a fantastic opportunity to learn about managing large scale, complex change!  I’ve enjoyed lots of learning, including two masters degrees – in health service management and in medical law.  I’m also a qualified reflexologist but only really practice these days by personal request!  As well as being a Personal Leadership Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, I’m also a Board Member for the Chartered Management Institute in Wales, and a Non-Executive Director within The Pobl Group in the Social Housing Sector. I was hugely privileged to be the founding non-executive mentor for the Pobl Group/Chwarae Teg “Step to Non-Exec” Programme – a development programme targeted at encouraging more young women to apply for future positions in public life.

Having coached and mentored staff for many years as part of my leadership roles in the NHS, it was a real joy to undertake formal study in coaching (with the Institute of Leadership and Management) whilst at the same time commencing my journey of personal learning as a student of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  I have been very fortunate to study with one of the UK’s longest established and nationally accredited NLP organisations and subsequently to volunteer as an Assisting Tutor on the Master Practitioner programme as part of my commitment to my continuing professional development. In addition to being a Master Practitioner, I am also now a certified Trainer of NLP.
tennis ball on a tennis racquet
When I’m not coaching you’ll probably find me absorbed in watching some tennis somewhere, or even on court practicing my fearsome forehand! I’m also occasionally found lurking in the corridors of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama where I am enjoying my latest personal challenge – learning to sing jazz!